Buying a Bidet for Your Family: My Story

I never thought I’d say this when I was younger, but one of the best parts of my life is my kids. Watching them grow, dealing with them every day, and having the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom has changed everything about who I am. I could not be more grateful for this time, and I look forward to spending time with them each and every day.

Life in the Folman house has gotten pretty interesting lately. My husband and I pretty much out of nowhere decided to get a bidet. This is something I never knew I actually wanted until we visited some friends of ours in New Hampshire and realized how awesome it was.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to encounter and to use a bidet, here’s the rundown. First, you use the bathroom in the normal way. I for some reason always thought that you actually sat on the bidet and use the bathroom, but this is not how it works. You use the bathroom like normal, and then you get on the bidet afterward to clean yourself off.

There are actually bidet attachments that fit onto the toilet that allow you to do everything at the same time, but my friend didn’t have one of those. Instead, like I said, you’re supposed to actually get on the toilet, use it, and then use the bidet.

Well, if I started off this article talking about my kids, you’re wondering where they’re going to fit in somewhere. Kristin was pretty fascinated with the bidet, but didn’t understand that it was not the toilet. Trust me when I tell you that I was embarrassed, but they are kids, and you know they do the darnedest things.

Either way, both kids mastered the use of the bidet before we left our vacation. Johnnie was actually really missing the bidet, and kept talking about it on the way home and asking John and I if we would think about getting one.

The first night we were home and lying in bed, John actually mentioned something about the bidet and how cool it was. We consulted with our friends that week to find out who their bidet retailer was, because we wanted to consider buying one online. It seems a lot easier to do that and get exactly what we wanted than waste a bunch of time at appliance stores or hardware stores looking for a bunch of stuff when this retailer may not know exactly what we needed.

We got our bidet from an online retailer, and the customer service there was really friendly and helpful. The bidet came exactly as promised, and a contractor in our town was able to help us fix up the plumbing to get our bidet in place, and to make sure that our bathroom was looking and functioning exactly as we wanted it. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better experience, and I kind of want to get another one for the guest bathroom.

Too far? I don’t know. The bidets are for us, and I love these things.

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