Kohler Bathtubs Provide Luxurious Relaxation Through Quality Craftsmanship

Imagine you’re coming home after a long day. You’re muscles ache; your joints are sore, and your head is spinning. What could possibly be better than heading into the bathroom and soaking for a long time in a nice hot tub? Only one thing: soaking for a long time in one of the latest, nice hot Kohler bathtubs!

You can find top of the line luxury Kohler bathtubs that feature a number of strong, powerful jets– usually around six, maybe as many as eight or ten or as few as two or four. When you sit down in the tub, the jets will open up and they will shoot out both water and air. The streams of water shooting at your body will massage your skin and muscles; any knots of tension will dissipate, and you’ll have a terrific sensation all over. Increasing the ability of these jets to provide pleasure is the fact that they can swivel around, and you can adjust the pressure with which they shoot water to just your liking. In some Kohler tubs the jets actually rotate in a semi-circle so that they can really target every part of your body.

There are some things you’ll have to consider before you go out and buy one of these bathtubs, however. First you need to have a water heater that is capable of storing enough hot water for such a tub. You also want to make sure that you have enough room in your bathroom in order to fit such a tub. (Remember that corner tubs can help you to save room.) And some Kohler models are made out of cast iron, and not every bathroom floor is strong enough for them. There are a couple of other points to remember before you go tub shopping. First, if you like to bathe with oil, you may want to think twice because with that kind of tub the oil can get into your pipes. Also, be careful not to confuse a whirlpool with an air tub. An air tub massages people with air only; it doesn’t shoot out streams of water, so the massage doesn’t feel quite as thorough.

Also, be sure that you try out a lot of different tubs before settling on the one you’ll take home. Don’t be shy about actually climbing into the bathtubs that they have at stores. If you’re spending that much money for a tub you should be able to select the one you find most comfortable.

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