Replacing Bathtubs

In the lifetime of a home, many things will have to be replaced. This is just a fact of life – things break, get worn out, or just become far too dated for comfortable use. When it comes to bathrooms, replacing a bathtub may never happen unless you are remodeling. However, bathtubs can crack or become stained, and replacing them is the only option. Whether you are replacing your tub out of force or choice, it is smart to consider your options. Here are some options you have when replacing your bathtub…

Whirlpool baths are an exciting upgrade. Everyone can enjoy a nice jet and neck pillow to accompany their bath. Whirlpool baths come with custom options as well. For example, you have options when it comes to the lighting, seating, jets, heaters, and neck rests you use in your tub.

Adding a bathtub liner is the most practical way to “replace” your bathtub. All you are really doing is lining your existing tub and giving it a fresh new look. They can even be removed easily. If you may have a mold or leak in the tub you already have, it is not suggested to put a liner on. You are better off replacing your unit instead of covering it up with a liner if you think you may have water damage. Also, tubs that are not very solid do not work well with liners.

Walk-In Baths, also known as safety tubs, are made to help everyone have a safe entrance into and out of the bath. They are designed to be free standing and do not need to be touching a wall in order to be used. They can be put anywhere in the house as long as there is access to plumbing. They are also designed with a seat in them that is the same standard height as a chair would be. Additionally, walk-in baths have the option of having their tub door swing in to open or swing out to open.

Walk-In showers are also designed for safety and are a great option for those that have limited mobility. Walk-in showers have many custom options available. A typically walk-in shower would include a seat, grab handle, hand held shower, shower door, foot rest, and a caddy to hold soaps and shampoos. Yes, this option is generally best suited for those that need to take the extra safety precautions when entering the shower, but maybe prefer this type of unit versus a bathtub.

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