What Are the Benefits of Steel Baths Compared With Other Options?

When searching for new baths for the home, people may be considering tubs made from standard materials such as enamel and acrylic – but steel baths are a great option for those keen to invest in a bathtub that will not only last through decades of use, but also looks stylish and is easy to keep looking sparkling.

Steel bathtubs are a modern and convenient alternative to the old-fashioned cast iron bathtubs that used to be a popular choice. Steel baths can last for years and years, ensuring that even if the rest of a bathroom suite has to be replaced, the bath can stay in place.

As well as this, steel is much less likely to warp and unlike when cleaning acrylic or enamel baths, homeowners do not have to fork out for dedicated cleaning items as steel can withstand being scrubbed to sparkling with almost any kind of cleaning fluid.

So what steel bath options are available to buyers? Two of the best brands for steel baths are Roca and Kaldewei, with both offering high quality and durable tubs at affordable prices – and with great extras.

Kaldewei baths come in a wide range of options, including classic oval-shaped bathtubs and extra wide luxury baths that are perfect for those who love to take a long soak after a stressful day.

Homeowners with larger bathrooms have the chance to make their tub a real focal point of the room and the steel Kaldewei Dyna Set Star is great for bigger spaces. This tub comes in two sizes, with the biggest measuring 1800 x 800 mm. This larger tub comes with two tap holes and is perfect for those who really love their bathtime.

Oval-shaped baths can be more comfortable for the body but, often, the space in the bathroom does not accommodate these kinds of tubs. For this situation, the Kaldewei Mega Duo, Vaio Set and Vaio Set Star may be ideal. All three tubs combine a standard rectangular outer shape with an oval bathing area.

The Set Star is a good choice for those looking for comfortable steel baths that are also safe for older bathers to use, as it comes with two handles either side of the tub for added safety and reassurance when climbing in and out of the water.

Safety when bathing is a big consideration for many steel bath buyers, who will be pleased to know that most baths in the Kaldewei range also come with anti-slip technology, helping to reduce the chance of accidents occurring when getting in and out of the tub.

Roca steel tubs also offer the impressive combination of style, comfort and safety, with many steel products in its range featuring anti-slip and chrome hand rails either side of the bath.

For added comfort while taking a steel tub bath, the Roca Swing Bath is perfect. With an anti-slip body for safety, the bath can also be purchased with a comfy headrest as part of its add-ons.

The Roca Princess-N bath also comes with the option to buy a luxury headrest and has chrome grip handles, making getting in and out of the tub a breeze.

Steel baths with legs are a real style statement ideal for a show-stopping bathroom and the Roca range additionally features the Carla, which comes with a bolt-on leg set and stylish chrome grips.

This bath is a great buy for those with a larger bathroom, as its three size options go up to a spacious 1700 x 700 mm.

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