Bissell 9400 Review – Does It Really Give What It Promises?

Just like you, vacuuming the carpet is one of the tasks I hated the most. But everything has changed when I bought this Bissell 9400 way back in 2006. Since then I believed carpet shampooers like this won’t do any miracle. But I was wrong. On the first attempt, I doubted whether this tool could remove the stains like dried paint. So I started to try and was impressed with the results. The stains were all gone! I have three dogs at home and we clean the carpet every two months. As you know, dogs are naturally hairy. Most of the hairs are falling directly to the carpet. I have my old vacuum but I already thrown it away because I was so disappointed with the way it cleans. Aside from being noisy, the dirt is expelling out from the canister. Tsk! But with this Bissell 9400, I now have a peace of mind.

I’m writing this Bissell 9400 Review to share some features the tool has. I also want to help you find the right vacuum cleaner. I’m not going to fool you. Why should I? On the first place I am also a mom and a homeowner like you. I highly value your money and at the same time I highly value your status in life.

Let’s start with the roller brushes. I’m sure, this is the first feature many costumers look when buying vacuum cleaners. For this one, there are two roller brushes. The first one is designed to clean the carpet while the other one is for the edges. As opposed to other systems the brushes do an excellent job. If your carpet is made from fabric, you need not to worry. It’s because you can assure it won’t be damaged upon cleaning. Aside from brush rollers, there are also additional brushes situated on both sides. These brushes are truly intended for small surfaces like the side of the walls and the edges of the furniture.

Bissell 9400 also comes with onboard heater that is capable of mixing the solution. It mainly heats the water before spraying on the carpet. The HEPA filter is also a big addition as it traps 99.97 percent of dirt. The filter is washable so you can use it for lifetime. On the other hand, the canister also has additional filter to avoid clogging. The motor is protected with sealed plastics to avoid getting hit by sharp objects. The emptying is not an issue when using the machine because it features an indicator light that tells when the dust bag needs to be replaced. Bissell 9400 also allows you to decide what type of settings. The tool features six cleaning setting including rinse, normal, light and heavy.

I have used and reviewed many vacuums and this one is very impressive. I have no hesitation of recommending this product to you. But if you’re not yet convinced, you can look for other Bissell 9400 Review like this.

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