Cleaning Your Bicycle With Home-Made Solutions

You cannot expect your bicycle to stay clean if you use it. You will experience a lot of mud. Also, dirt build-ups, stains, gasoline smell on it, rust and all sorts of filth on the tires (and not only there). Like any other transport, a bicycle requires hours of maintenance, that involves thorough cleaning. So, what to do? How to save time and efforts? You can rely on professional cleaning services. However, you can easily take advantage of some cleaning techniques which are totally DIY.

The good news is that you don’t need much: just the average repair tools, combined with some very basic cleaning solutions like degreasing dish soap. The rest consists of:

1. Cleaning of the Chain

A bicycle chain is like a car engine. It is the key of the mechanic. So, you need to pay attention to it – use a scrub brush, degreasing dish soap and warm water. Apply this solution and rinse the chain when you’re done. Now you can move to the next stage.

2. Degrease the Chain

After you get rid of the grime on the chain, you will need to remove the grease from it. Apply a biodegradable degreaser for bicycles. After that, push the pedals a bit to make sure that the chain spins efficiently. You can rinse the chain with hot water to get rid of any remaining bits of grease.

3. Final Wiping and Lubrication of the Chain

Even after the degreasing, you can still see gunk on the chain. Wrap a soft clean cloth around the chain and push the pedals. After that, use a lubricating agent. Basically, you have to repeat the same as the above but with the lubrication applied to the cloth.

4. Move to the Cables Next

Most new bicycles have their cables covered together. However, you will need to clean them in order to ensure the proper functioning of the brakes and the gear shift. So, uncover them and lube them with grease or some other agent. If you see rust stains on any of the cables, seek the help of a repair technician.

5. Front Mech, Rear Mech and Sprockets

You will need a nylon bristled scrub brush, degreasing soap, and hot water and scrub the front gear assembly, the rear mech and the sprockets thoroughly. These three areas usually get most of the dirt and mud. Additionally, as pointed out by reputable cleaning service companies, use a narrow, flat tipped screwdriver to get rid of any persistent clusters of grease or dirt. Once you’re finished, wipe the entire assembly with a clean cloth. You can also lube up the gear assembly by applying some lube to it and then rotating the pedal a couple of times.

After you’re done, wash and polish the rest of your bicycle – the metal parts and so forth. You can also grease the chain by using the same method as in the aforementioned cleaning of the chain.

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