Rainbow E Series Vacuum – Sucks and Pulls Even The Smallest Airborne Particle!

Vacuum cleaners work in the same way. They pull air through a small opening. But when it comes to cleaning ability, there is almost nothing that can compare with the fast and efficient results Rainbow E Series Vacuum could bring. Most vacuums are designed to sweep small particles and debris near the opening but not the human and animal hair that falls directly to the carpet. Rainbow E Series is different from them as it features a roller brush that not only sweeps the dirt but also pulls the remaining hair on the carpet, leaving your home FREE from asthma and allergies.

By consulting Google, you’ll find out lots of positive reviews about the unit. This means, the item is highly proven and tested by professionals. Actually, I’m not a fan of many canister vacuums as most of them get clogged from time to time. Canister vacuums usually have plastic dust bags which could easily break down. Quite simply, canister vacuums are not that durable. Rainbow E Series Vacuum has a different layout as it features HEPA filter which is capable of trapping 99.95 percent of airborne particulates and prevents clogging at the same time. The unit does not require filter replacement since you can easily wash it and reuse it for about twenty years.

Rainbow E Series was out in the market for almost a decade. The unit was created by the well-known manufacturer, Rexair. Over the years, the unit has received so many complements from regular customers in the world. Speaking of the inner specs, the unit has two-speed motor with air filtration capability. Rainbow E Series not just limit on a single air speed limit. This unit allows the owner decide the cleaning tool and the air speed level to be used. The built-in wet/dry hose is also a great addition since it allows you to clean different surfaces such as upholstery, furniture and vehicle. But what makes this unit so great is the sealed canister that can last for decades. The wheels are also made for easy carrying and maneuvering. As a homeowner, you can move the unit upstairs, downstairs and side by side.

The three extension wands are a great help when cleaning since they can extend even to small spaces like rooms, kitchen and walls. Other excellent features include dusting brush, mop kit, attachment caddy, crevice tool, instruction manuals and 3-year motor warranty.

With Rainbow E Series Vacuum, you can rest assure your home is free from dirt and airborne particles. Being a full-time product reviewer, I would recommend this tool to anyone who doesn’t want to experience the hassles when cleaning. This cleaning equipment is definitely a great investment!

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