Which Shower Tray Shall I Choose?

Is often the question that most people when selecting the ideal type for their bathroom. Due to the ever growing market for shower trays, coming in all shapes, designs and sizes no wonder people struggle to make what seems such simple decisions. However, given the right advice on makes and models as well as lifetime value and guarantee helps put these decisions into perspective.

Firstly, you need to determine what shaped type you need to fit your bathroom. The shape varieties are either square, rectangle or quadrant. Obviously depending on the shape and size of the bathroom determines the size of the shower tray you can have. It is also important to consider the type of enclosure you require as they will both need to match and fit each other.

Secondly, it is important to understand what the shower trays are made of. They are either made from stone resin or acrylic and come in normal or a slim line design!! If you are looking for a high quality, robust shower type that can last for several years the stone resin shower tray should be considered. Also, these varieties don’t suffer from shrinkage or cracking and provide a skid resistant base. However, be careful when installing these stone resin basins on floors off ground level as they are quite heavy and may cause damage if it’s not installed correctly. If you are looking for a shower tray that can easily be installed, has legs to adjust the height and is lightweight then the acrylic type could be for you.

Slim line designer types look tidy, as well as elegant with a modern feel. These shower trays are useful if you want to stay in touch with the market. The base comes in the form of stone resin and the height can easily be adjusted.

However, what design, make and style you choose large depends on your taste and the look and feel of the bathroom you are going after. Make sure that when you install it’s well-sealed and tight to the wall and tiles to prevent leakage. Good looking types can increase the value of your bathroom which in turn will add value to your house.

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