Solar Power Inverter – Alternating Current, Direct Current, Which Does What?

For a couple of decades solar electric panel electricity has been used more and more across this great country. The individuals who implement this alternative energy source usually do so to help environment and to save money that they spend on electricity. Some get their solar power generators from retailers, some purchase used solar panels and some people build their home solar power systems.

All parts of the solar electricity system have their own jobs to do, all are very important to operating the system. At this time I will talk about the solar power inverter.

The photovoltaic (PV) cells in the solar electric panels convert the suns’ rays into direct Current (DC) which goes through the inverter then into the house with electricity from the commercial power grid if the house is still on the grid. The solar inverter changes the electricity into Alternating Current (AC) where it is used to power household needs.

If the house is not attached to the power grid, the DC power goes into batteries where it is stored until needed. When the current leaves the battery it goes to the inverter where it is changed to Alternating Current (AC). The electricity then goes into the house to be used as power.

Solar inverters come in 12, 24 and 48 volt units. There are two types of inverters, the Modified Sine Wave (MSW) and True Sine Wave (TSW). The MSW solar power inverter is the more limited of the two; it will not run as many household items and is not used in home solar energy systems as the TSW inverter.

The solar inverter is not a low priced item. When planning your budget for your solar energy system this should be addressed. It is better to have a solar inverter that has more volts than your storage battery.

When planning the solar electricity project for their home, many begin by using solar power for a few of their needs and implement solar power use step-by-step. By taking this approach they are able to put in a larger solar power inverter when their budget allows them to add to what they already are using.

When shopping for a solar inverter always purchase one that is made by a company whose name you trust. Read and understand the warranty on your solar power inverter. Make sure that the materials that you buy for your solar electricity system have a money back guarantee. With almost all reputable companies that will not be a problem.

In today’s world many people around the world are investing in alternative energy source systems. With the advances in technology solar electricity has become poplar. With better technology come lower prices for that technology. It is a good idea to do extensive research before putting in your solar energy system. Use a solar power inverter made by a company that you trust and the one that will ensure maximum efficiency for your solar power electricity system.

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