Tips to Buying Engineered Wood Flooring – What You Need to Know

Engineered wood flooring has become a popular choice for homeowners, helping them reduce their new flooring costs and still present a stylish design that can help increase the value of their property in the future.

This type of flooring is made from a solid wood top layer. This is often referred to as a veneer. It ranges in thickness and quality, which is why you have to be so careful to ensure you choose the highest quality engineered wood flooring that will provide you with years of use. Below the top layer are layers of thin wood which are glued together, making the floor stable and strong.

The great news with engineered wood flooring is the choice of timbers available. This type of flooring makes it easy to blend the timber to your overall house design, whether you’re looking for light oak floors or darker floors for your entire home or just certain areas in the home.

One of the many benefits to this flooring solution is that it can be laid over the existing flooring. This can save you money and installation costs and can ensure that the job is completed in the shortest period of time. Whether you have concrete floors or wooden floors, you can easily place the engineered wood flooring over the existing floor, instantly transforming the look of any room quickly and easily.

What is a bonus when you choose this flooring type is that you can walk on it straight away. It’s a relatively quick and easy job, depending on the size of the room, which means that you can transform and walk on your new floor in only a few hours.

For anyone with DIY knowledge, engineered wood flooring can be a DIY project you can complete yourself to save you money in the long run, while increasing your home value. A simple transformation of a room can add thousands to an asking price and should be considered whether you are thinking of selling your home or you want to update the interior of your property for you and your family to enjoy.

Engineered wood flooring is long lasting and can last anywhere from ten to thirty years, depending on the quality you purchase. If you have plans to stay in your home for years to come, buying a higher quality will reduce the risk of you having to replace the floors in the near future.

These also come in a choice of finishes from brushed to distressed. You can choose the finish you want based on the overall design of your home and your interior choices.

It is important when buying engineered wood flooring that you purchase from a reputable supplier with years of knowledge and experience in the home industry. This way you are assured that you will buy a high quality product that can provide you with year so beautiful flooring to meet your needs.

It’s a good idea to go online and have a look at the different options available. You may feel a little overwhelmed at the extensive range available, but consider your overall house design and the interior design you are looking to achieve, this can help you identify the best type of wood and finish to choose, finishing off your room to perfection and adding that stylish and elegant twist to your overall room design.

Always ensure that you purchase from a supplier that will provide you with a returns guarantee. In the event the flooring arrives and is not what was expected or not as described, you want that peace of mind that you can return the product for a full refund if needed.

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