Why Choose Duraceramic Flooring?

Duraceramic is an excellent choice for your new flooring. There are several valid points that make duraceramic flooring a perfect option. If it is time to replace your flooring or you are in the midst of a new flooring project, before you make a choice, check out all the things that duraceramic has to offer.

What is duraceramic flooring?

Duraceramic flooring is constructed from limestone. It is a composite material that mimics the look of ceramic tile but it is more durable. It can withstand heavy traffic. It resists chipping and cracking and is easier to maintain. You get all the beauty of ceramic tile but none of the hard work that comes along with it.

Reasons to choose duraceramic flooring

Now that you know what it is made of, you should also consider the following:

~ install with or without grout

~ can be installed right on concrete or suspended floors

~ huge color, style and pattern selection

~ Scotch Guard protection to repel stains

~ cushions sound, feels warmer than traditional tiles

~ never worry about broken, chipped, cracked tiles

Duraceramic flooring can be installed with or without grout. You can get a more traditional look by installing with grout or a more modern look by installing without grout. These tiles are so versatile that you can install them right over concrete or suspended floors. Installation is very quick and easy.

There is a full range of colors, style and pattern selections that will compliment any style of your home. The 16×16 tiles look great in any room. Each tile is treated with Scotch Guard which means that you never have to use anything more than a damp mop to get your floor clean. The tiles repel dirt and stains and come with a limited lifetime warranty against stains and damage.

This type of flooring offers the beauty of ceramic tile without the cold noise. This flooring feels warmer to the touch and cushions noise. The main complaint of homeowners that have ceramic flooring in their home is that they do not hold the warmth during winter season. Duraceramic flooring takes the cold right out of your tile flooring.

With duraceramic flooring you never have to worry about broken, chipped, cracked tiles that you have to replace. This durable flooring option is a great choice for kitchen, bathroom and even the living room. The limited lifetime warranty is also something you will not find with traditional ceramic tile floors.

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