What You Should Keep In Mind When Painting Your Home

Painting is one project that can improve the look of your house quickly. It is also regarded as the cheapest remodel, yet it can raise the selling price of your home substantially. Painting can also prevent surfaces from getting dusty easily, and can hide unpleasant marks or stains, and protect external walls from the elements. Additionally, paint can positively affect your mood. For example, yellows can spruce up your room and help uplift and energize you as well. Painting could also increase your overall satisfaction of your property.

Painting Pointers

Ready surface ahead of painting

Be sure that the surface you will be applying paint on is cleaned and dried thoroughly. To eliminate flakes from older paint and dust, sand the surface first then wash it. You also need to fill out cracks with a suitable filler, and then apply a primer before painting.

Remember to prime

Primer helps the paint effectively adhere to the surface, thus preventing blisters. It also lengthens the life of the topcoat. To improve the top coat’s coverage, experts recommend that you tint the primer with a bit of topcoat paint. Remember not to blend coatings of different solutions, for example you should use latex based primer with latex paint.

Apply base coat to tape

This process is especially beneficial if you would like crisp lines. After laying the tape, you should apply a base coat first before you apply the top coat. A portion of the base coat will penetrate the tape, but this is okay as it is of the same color as the paint underneath the tape. Leave this to dry and this will serve as a seal for the contrasting paint.

Purchase a power roller

With such tool, you can cover more space quicker. This tool has a roller which is automatically fed with paint from a paint container, thus sparing you from going to and fro your paint tray.

Enlist the help of painting contractors

While this will increase your expenses, this will help save you a significant amount of time and effort. Look online and offline for painting contractors and choose one based on the kind of paint job you want carried out. For example, if you need to paint your home, choose a residential painting company. Ask for suggestions from people you know, and compare 3 to 5 contractors. Pick a painter based on price, track record, and your perception of the quality of their services. Demand on having a contract for the project you need done as this will ensure that the project will be finished on schedule and on budget, and that there is a way to deal with problems should these crop up.

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