Gas Heating Safety Tips: Increase Indoor Comfort and Peace of Mind

For homeowners that heat their home with gas, there are many ways to enjoy a higher standard of indoor comfort, and ensure your system is operating safely. Small steps in maintaining your equipment can save you money, and give you peace of mind.

How can you protect your family from dangerous gas problems, save money on fuel bills and increase your comfort? Read on below.

  • Make sure your furnace gets enough air for proper operation. You can do this by installing a combustion air vent between your mechanical and adjoining room.
  • Dirty filters restrict airflow and tax your heating system, making it work harder and use more fuel. Make sure you clean your air filter at least once a month. This will ensure your system is running optimally, and can even save you money on your fuel bill.
  • Have you noticed the color of your burner flame? Burner flames should always be blue. Sometimes you may notice orange or red flickers within your flame. This is ok. However, if your flame is yellow this means your burner is dirty and not getting enough air. Please call your heating professional for a tune up if you notice discoloration of the flames.
  • Keep the areas surrounding your furnace clear. Make sure there are no flammable materials in the vicinity.
  • Protect your home from carbon monoxide. High levels of carbon monoxide can have a serious effect on your health, and can ultimately lead to death. Have CO detectors installed throughout your home, and make sure you have any fuel-burning appliances inspected annually for leaks.

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