Powdery Mildew Tree Disease

Do your trees have white patches on their leaves? If so, this could signal the presence of powdery mildew. This disease gets the name from its appearance; what look like powder to the naked eye is actually many microscopic fungi growing on the leaves of your trees. It is more common than most people think, and can be a debilitating disease that affects all types of tree species. Like all forms of fungi, powdery mildew thrives in damp environments, and is typically found more in areas with rainy climates. The summer season is when this ailment is at its worst; high humidity levels provide fertile ground for the mildew to grow.

Stopping Mildew in its Tracks

The commonality of this disease makes it is very important to know how to deter the growth of the fungi and minimize moisture levels on trees. The quicker the issue is addressed, the better off you will be to control the growth and prevent it from spreading further. Airborne diseases are the hardest to prevent, especially in regard to trees. Often, contacting a professional tree service firm to inspect your property and take appropriate measures may be your best form of defense. If the mildew has not reached a critical state and has not damaged your trees permanently, these experts will likely be able to spray the trees with wettable sulfur, which will help control the infection. To maintain this protection over the course of the long term, however, there are a few tips to note.

How to Keep your Trees Protected from Powdery Mildew

  • Only plant trees in areas where there is sufficient sunlight. Not only do the trees need the sun to grow, shade is mildew’s best friend. It has a difficult time growing in illuminated spaces. Along this regard, don’t plant smaller trees directly next to larger ones or under their branches.
  • Keep your trees spaced out. Not only will this give your trees sufficient sunlight, but also allows air to move freely between the branches. The best way to prevent fungi is to reduce humidity levels, and the way to do this is promoting air flow.
  • Prune and trim on a regular basis. In addition to keeping your curb appeal high, pruning also opens up more pathways for the air to move through their limbs.

Hiring an expert tree service firm to spray affected trees is a necessary step to prevent the disease from spreading. While the isolated one may wilt, you can feel secure knowing the other trees on your property will be safe from the airborne spores of mildew.

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