Tips to Designing a Reach in Wardrobe Part Two

In this article we will offer some tips on how you can make use of designing the doors in such a way that you will get full use of your closet. Plus the changes you make will also enhance the decor of the room where they are being placed.

As said before, the doors are usually a standard size which doesn’t lend well to giving you access to the entire interior of the reach in wardrobe. Now that you are going to change them you first need to concentrate on the framework. The goal here will be to not to only have full access to the interior, but also be able to see inside it in its entirety. This will be achieved by utilizing doors that are higher and wider. The door frame needs to reach as high as possible to the ceiling, and the width should be equal to the total length.

Once the maximum sized door frame is in place you will now have some options to choosing the perfect closet doors. With the door size now being much larger you want wardrobe doors that are well constructed, and that can handle this type of length and width. You are not going to get that with hinged typed doors so your best choice is from the sliding type selection. When you are making your choice there are some things to keep in mind.

  • You want to insist on quality materials that have been combined with the latest technology. This will allow you to enjoy the most modern assets that these items have to offer.
  • They should be lightweight so that any of the family members can easily open and close them.
  • The track should be sturdy and durable, and the roller technology of high standards.
  • The materials that the doors are made up should be of superior quality to prevent warping and buckling.
  • You want to choose a color and design that fits in with the decor of the room and the era of the home.

There are a lot of great features that come with sliding wardrobe doors, and one of these is they can be custom-made to fit exactly to your newly designed closet frame.

Once your frame has been completed and your new wardrobe doors installed, you are now going to find that you have full access to the interior. There won’t be any more wasted space. You will have full view, so there are no hidden corners where things can be put and forgotten about because you can’t see them. You are going to have a great time both in organizing your new closet and enjoy being able to keep it that way. You will finally be free of the dread of having to open a closet that in the past has been a nightmare to retrieve items from.

We aren’t quite finished yet though with our Tips to Designing a Reach in Wardrobe, as we have some additional suggestions on how to make the best use of all this new found space. Be sure to read our part 3 that will deal specifically with this.

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