Water Features For All Manner Of Garden Landscapes

Garden landscaping can literally change the way real estate looks and is valued. It provides an Eden of sorts for homeowners seeking to get away from walled interiors to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment. One way to enhance it is by installing or constructing water features.

Water features are nothing but structures that accommodate an amount of water for aesthetic or functional purposes. An example is a swimming pool or a pond. More commonly, though, water features are intended to promote the growth of aquatic plants and provide a haven for small animal and bird life and fishes.

The choices available to you, the homeowner, depend on how large an outdoor space you have. Very small gardens that can’t accommodate expansive pools can opt for small ponds or mini fountains while large grounds can fit in almost anything. Check out which of these ideas work for your garden.


Forget the large gushing streams in the great outdoors. You can create a miniature version on level or slightly pitched land. To achieve the babbling brook effect, small rocks and pebbles can stimulate splashes and sounds typical of a natural stream.

Since the idea is to ape a natural stream, lay down vegetation on the perimeter of the structure and let plants grow naturally. Weed the area regularly to promote plant growth. With proper construction and care, these small streams can become micro habitats for birds, fish and plant life.


Small fountains built of natural stone surrounded by flowers and plants make for a water feature that’s attractive as it’s beneficial. Don’t worry about water scarcity or waste as fountains recycle water and don’t need to be fed constantly. You can create any manner of fountain style. The only limit is your imagination and resources.


Pools encompass many different styles from plunge to lap and infinity. Space and funds will determine what type suits your garden. For a luxurious haven, choose a spool or a spa pool. It’s custom-built to create a small pool the size of a hot tub with features like mini waterfalls.

Water garden

Give birth to life with a water garden that’s a feature which has been popular for centuries. You can go small or large as again, limitation is solely dependent on space and funds. Since the intention is to create a support system for aquatic plants, you’ll have to find out what plants are suited to grow in your region. A check with local horticultural authorities will tell what’s best for your garden as well as the maintenance tips to follow.

Wishing well

You can add charm and a sure conversation piece to a garden by installing a small wishing well. It needn’t be as deep as an actual well. A key feature is the quaint appearance with a sloping roof on top and natural or cultured stone for the structure. Some wells use solar energy to create trickles of water. If you can, you’ll save a lot of power in the long run.

The main work on your part will be to make sure water features don’t become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Stagnant water that isn’t cleaned or replaced after a time accumulates dirt, encourages potentially disease-carrying insects to thrive and suffer hypoxia (reduced oxygen content) so make efforts to keep water features clean.

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