The Top 5 Signs You Need a Mold Inspection in Your Miami Property

Mold is a dangerous fungus that usually hides in the least approachable places. If your property is encountering an attack of mold, then you are at the right place. This blog is for you; here, you will find The Top 5 Signs You Need a Mold Inspection in Your Miami Property, to begin with the topic.

Why Is Mold Inspection Necessary?

Mold inspection is necessary to avoid suffering from your health and property. If you are wondering how mold gets into your house, there are many reasons. It requires an ideal condition to grow, that is, humidity. A little moisture in the air could boost their production. Your house may be less ventilated. It happens due to a lack of windows and improper exhaust systems to dry the moisture.

Therefore, learn the visible signs of its presence. However, if you catch any symptoms of respiratory problems, be cautious. It would be shocking if you observed any damage signs at the property structure. At this moment, hiring a mold testing specialist is very necessary. They are professionals equipped with the latest techniques and tools for a mold inspection. Similarly, their experience and exposure make them experts in this job. If you constantly delay this matter, you will face severe consequences.

Let’s now see the common signs of mold.

The Top 5 Signs You Need a Mold Inspection in Your Miami Property

The following are some signs that make you realize a mold survey at your property is necessary.

1.      Water Leakages Through Pipes Or Tap

Water leaking is always annoying. A leakage might seem minor, but it can create a complication for you later. For instance, your tap constantly leaks, and you ignore this matter. Mold finds this condition the best for its growth. Similarly, a leaking pipe inside the walls or drain pipe could damage the structure. Hence, this is an ideal condition to promote the presence of mold.

Its growth is rapid in favorable conditions, which is beyond imagination. It might cause dampening in the walls, ceiling, or wherever the pipe encountered leakage.

2.      Damages occurred due to water.

After heavy rainfall or flood, water accumulation in the house is predictable. This accumulated water is the source of high humidity. Hence, if you are facing a similar situation, book an appointment with a mold removal and remediation company. You might clear the accumulated water, but professionals can perform in a foolproof way.

3.      Odor

Mold comes with a musty odor. The unfamiliar smell is unbearable. Mostly, the smell is strong on the damped areas or damaged furniture; after mold attacks. Similarly, visitors who come to your place might notice it immediately and complain to you about it.

4.      Common Health Issues

People living with mold often don’t understand how severely it affects their health. It attacks the respiratory system first. Those with low immunity often experience consistent coughing, flue, and breathlessness. Living in a moldy environment can result in severe skin allergies. If you have these symptoms in the off-season, then surely it isn’t the normal weather change effect. It is only the mold which is silently attacking your health.

5.      Structural Damages

The most prominent way to detect its presence is the indication of structural damage. If you see the black spots on the house structure, it is alarming. Similarly, mold damage signs usually appear on the walls, under the sink, in laundry areas, basements, etc. Sometimes, they even peel off the wall paint.


In case you notice these signs, immediately make a call to FixMold Company. They will visit your place for a complete survey and inspection. Their professionalism will help you to get rid of mold.