Installing a Toilet in Your House

If you want to install a toilet in your house then it is not a big job to do. Being a homeowner you can do this work by yourself. If you think that you have enough time and skills to work with simple tools then you can do this job easily. The whole process will not take more than a couple of hours and if you are habitual with tools then it will take hardly an hour.

First thing that you will have to do is to buy a toilet that can be purchased at any home improvement store near to your house. The budget that will be required will range from $200 – $350 for a gravity flush toilet. If you go for luxury then price can be increased to double or triple amount easily. Price variation is also subjected to different brands. Today these toilets don’t consume much water as compared to old units that used to store and consume up to 5 gallons of water. Now since you are done with this first step to buy a toilet, you can move onto the second step in which you will have to do the real job and that is installing that toilet.

Bowl and Tank are the two main parts of a toilet. If you are ready to install the toilet then you will have to fix the bowl first. Setting the bowl first will make the work a lot easier. But before you fix the bowl make sure that closer flange is temporarily closed so that no dangerous gases escape from that hole. You will have to remove the plug and wait for a few minutes. In the next step you will have to set the bowl on that flange making sure that it fits on that flange well and there is not even a single point from where leakage can occur. Usually it fits well but if it doesn’t then don’t worry just prepare shims that will be used later and carry on fixing the bowl properly.

Now once you have checked the setting of bowl, remove it and insert bolts. After this install a wax ring gasket on the below side of bowl. Now place the bowl and fix it properly. Now next thing that you will have to do is to attach the flush with bowl. Put the flush on bowl and fix it with bolts. Finally make sure everything is fixed properly and there is not shaking or leakage etc. After a test run you are ready to use that toilet.

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