Top Tips To Plan Your Dream Extension

Extensions- The Best Way To Add Extra Space In Your Home

Did you invest in your property assuming that it will give you all the space you need for your family? Is the size of your family growing? Do you need an extra space for your kid? Many homeowners experience the same problem and they feel that extension is the only way to get an extra space in your home.

The Planning Phase Of Your Project

If you are planning for an extension then you should first consult a professional builder and get a rough plan of what you exactly want. Once you have the rough plan, you should then ask the designer to create a complete plan according to your specific needs and expectations.

It’s very important to plan your extension project in a way so that it complements the exterior of your home. This article gives you some great tips to help you plan your project in a perfect way.

Phase 1


One of the very first aspects you should consider is the size of the extension. Firstly, you should figure out why you are planning for the extension and then decide on the amount of space you exactly need. Are you planning for a floor or a ground floor extension? Do you want to create an entertaining space for your children?

Phase 2


Remember, you should always decide on the budget when choosing the size of your project. Another crucial factor is the shape of the extension. Either you can decide on the shape or may ask your building designers to help you in choosing the right shape for the project.

Phase 3

Choose Identical Building Materials

Your extension project is only successful when it complements the exterior of your home and it’s surroundings. Therefore, you should always choose similar building materials for your extended space. You may also look for the same size windows and other features to get the desired look for your extended space.

Phase 4

Planning Permission

Depending on the place/state/country you live, you have to get the planning permission from the authority before starting the project. The rules and regulations for the different home improvement projects may vary from one state to another. Ask your building specialist or local council to help you know the building laws.

Phase 5

Where To Find The Best Builders

In order to complete your project successfully you will need a team of skilled, professionally trained and experienced builders along with a team of talented building designers. The right team will manage all the different aspects of the project and complete the work within the deadline. Most of the companies today have a website where you can find a list of services they offer. Always make sure to hire a reliable and trustworthy professional for your project.

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