How Does IP Cameras Work?

If you’re looking for a security cam, you might have already heard about IP camera and wondered what these cameras are for. They are way more expensive than CCTV cameras; hence a lot of people opt for the cheaper option. If you are shopping for security cameras for your home or office, you might want to consider reading this first.

What is IP camera?

IP cam or Internet Protocol camera are cams of the modern generation. While it has all the features of the traditional CCTV, IP cam offers better and more options. One of its most amazing features is its ability to run without the need of wiring. From the word Internet protocol, they use data transmission such as Wi-Fi or wireless LAN. This is best recommended for those who don’t want to be bothered by the complicated wiring. You can use your already existing internet connection to view your cameras over the internet just about anywhere you are in the world.

Advantages of IP camera over CCTV

Like mentioned before, IP use wireless network to send video signal into your computer or into a cloud network where you can view and record events. While some people say that it is a lot more expensive than the traditional CCTV, it is not. This is because IP cam already have a built-in processor that eliminates the need for a DVR ( Digital Video Recorder). All you need is your already existing internet connection and you’re good to go.

It is also another advantage that there is no limit on how many IP cams you can set up. You can use as many wireless cams as you want as long as your bandwidth can accommodates it. If in case it cannot, you can simply ask your provider to upgrade your internet connection to accommodate more cameras for security.

IP cams also work with the best video resolution. Unlike the traditional CCTV system, IP cameras uses pixels instead of TV lines like you use with digital cams. The more pixels it has the better video product it presents. Pixels presents more picture details than the TV lines; hence better video quality and clarity.

Disadvantages of IP Cameras

Like with everything else, there is a drawback. The disadvantages of using IP cam has nothing to do with the unit, instead it’s about its sole dependency on your internet connection. Because they use LAN connection, whether wireless or not, they function using your internet connection. This means that if for whatever reason, your internet connection experiences lag or intermittent signal, your security cam will also be affected; and you might eventually lose access to it until the internet connection becomes stable again. To a lot of people, especially in countries where the internet connection is not stable, this is a huge problem. Because in compromising your surveillance cameras, you are compromising your security. Traditional CCTV cameras on the other hand have local connections that you can use with or without internet connection.

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