How to Arrange Garage Space

The garage is a second home practically for every man, being both his working cabinet and personal space where women are not allowed to pass. Some treat space planning not seriously, and it leads to bigger problems. But men who approach arrangement of garage space smartly have an additional mini-house where a lot of things can be done and a bunch of stuff may be stored. Here are some recommendations about how to organize space in your garage, making it ergonomic.

Main requirements

First and foremost, your garage must be properly protected against humidity and bad weather conditions (snow, rain, strong wind, storms, etc).

Secondly, you should think about storage places distribution beforehand. Mind that shelves must be at the distance at least one meter from the car. Think over about where and what you will keep, trying to make everything convenient for yourself.

Thirdly, organization of a working bench and an inspection pit may become a good idea, if you need them, of course.

Make more shelves

To economize space, hang as many shelves as possible, or make them in the places where they won’t obstruct walking and you won’t be accidentally scratched and hit by them. It is recommended to hang them at the wall opposite to the gateway – it won’t stand in the way.

Along with the shelves a small cabinet would be appropriate for storing some clothes, gloves and other personal stuff that may come in handy during repair works.

Inspection pit: to build or not to build

This is the matter of your own preferences. If you use car ramp on the street, there is no need to make it. But if you resolve to organize it, don’t forget about a hole for drainage and to provide light. You can also put some instrument there to repair the car.


If you are going to make a working bench on your own, use metal and wood for it to be stable and long-lasting. Organize several raggles to place as much stuff as possible.

For more serious repair works a welding machine may be useful.

Make a washer. Not necessarily a professional one. Just a hose and sewage runoff will be enough to provide a possibility to wash your car whenever you want.

And the last but not the least is ventilation. Provide normal air flow inside the room to protect it from moisture and mold, and just to ensure your own convenience. Good luck!

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