Clothes Airers – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

As governments fights to reduce carbon emissions there are 101 ways we can act personally.

Whilst it may not be realistic to ride a horse to work we can switch to fuel efficient methods.

Around the home the insulation and double-glazing story is obvious. Cutting the temperature and wearing a sweater is equally so.

New fangled gadgets help switch off our stand by power, solar chargers recharge our mobile phones. We learn to use reduced heat to boil an egg, we buy a set of steamer pans for low cost vegetable cooking. The clothes drying rack is the least talked about humble solution. Favoured by our Grannies in days of gone they are making a great comeback.

Thinking families realise that the tumble dryer is a greedy machine. Using high amounts of electricity with no way of knowing when an item is dry.

In a large family the energy bills grow and so does our carbon footprint.

The clothes drying rack solves the problem. It gives us a central space for drying. It can be placed in each and every room. It can be folded away out of sight. You can use it to make your own airing cupboard. You can spread your sweaters out on it, you can install them double-decker fashion and have shirts above and smalls below. You can install them side-by-side, you can install in permanent unused space. They create inner space by expanding with the room. They can provide a washing line. At last they give you privacy from all the underwear previously drying on radiators for all to see.

They do not rust, they are maintenance, energy and carbon free. They work without complaining while you put your feet up and have a latte.

They are one of the best-kept secrets in the laundry room. Why – because dirty laundry is not a topic of after dinner conversations.

So only a few enlightened people know clothes drying racks are truly an idea whose time has come.

Become enlightened – buy a clothes drying rack today.

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