The Many and Varied Uses of Free Standing Shelves

If you have ever been into a grocery store, a garage, a kitchen, bathroom, basement or any office you will have seen free standing shelves and other shelving units being used for everything from food storage to office supplies and more. These versatile open storage units can even be used in your bedroom or living room for storing almost anything. The best part is that they are not permanent so if you are in a non permanent living situation you can take them with you when you go! Free standing means you are free to move it around from wall to wall, and room to room.

These shelves come in a variety of different sizes, colors and materials. You can get them off the shelf at many stores made with lighter plastics or even metal for very little money. You can also have free standing shelf systems hand made from a wood of your choice finished to match whatever the style of décor you are trying to stick to. Some come with glass shelves and can be wall mounted. They can be utilitarian, or designer. No matter what the task, these shelves are up to it. Especially around the home!

•Organizing a kitchen – Essential for any kitchen, free standing shelves make efficient use of pantry space. Some of these shelves even come with wheels so that you can wheel them out to get a better look and wheel them back in without much fuss.

•Organizing a garage – Want that mess cleaned up and for everything to have a place? Get a set of free standing shelves.

•Tools – You can organize your tools onto them in whatever space you are planning to store them. Laying everything out neatly on the shelf will make it easy for you to find the tools you need and to put them back just as neatly.

•Entertainment center – A set of these shelves will be able to hold speakers, stereos, DVD players, gaming consoles and more!

•Books – These shelves make fantastically affordable book shelves.

•Decoration – Many people use these shelves to show off their collectables such as knick-knacks and framed photos of loved ones. Maybe display a teapot collection?

The only downside to these free standing shelving systems is that most of them are not closed in the way most cabinets are allowing for dust and dirt to invade. These will have to be dusted routinely. Keep that in mind when you are about to purchase any type of storage unit.

If standard freestanding shelves are not to your taste then why not try something a little more out of the box? Malin Kallman created a unique free standing shelf unit built up in the vague shape of a pyramid. He was followed by a woman named Linda Bergroth who created a system of standing shelves called Igloo Free, an igloo shape with an empty section underneath.

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