Make Your Own Homemade Solar Panel and Save Money

With the use of photovoltaic cells it is easy to take the rays from the sun and convert that into solar energy. This is one of the stimulating scientific discoveries for quite some time. The use of solar power creates less harm to the environment than using fossil fuels. Then by using these photovoltaic cells we make use of solar power which then helps us keep our planet clean. Since the sun is a very dominant renewable energy source, solar energy has been mentioned around the world to be the most reliable and significant form of energy. At the present time it has become very easy for all of us to make use of solar energy with the help of guides to make solar panels. The importance of it is that you can make your own homemade solar energy.

How to build your own solar panel stands as the most asked question for every one when they start to get it in their mind they want a solar panel. Putting one together is not hard as you think you can easily make your own homemade solar power. First thing you should do is to build a small solar panel of 12 volts or higher for yourself. This will allow you to trickle charge a deep cycle marine/rv battery slowly or have some use during the day for some led party lights. Then when you get the hang of it you can build a solar panel of 16 volts that can suit your needs better. When you build bigger systems like that, that’s when you can start saving money on your home electric bills and use of a set of batteries is needed to make your solar panels work for you and save. There is no need for you to go for the big batteries. You can get smaller but rechargeable batteries at affordable rates in the market. Acid battery of 12 volt or a deep cell battery especially made for continuous use can also do the trick to build your own homemade solar panels system. In the bigger systems a 6 volt golf cart type battery is the way to go for longevity and endurance.

The other accessories that are needed to build solar panel systems are a battery box to protect the battery from the reach of children, DC meters to match the voltage of the battery and a DC input. To make sure your panels don’t over charge the battery bank you will need a charge controller. This is my recommendation for the upkeep of your battery, is get a desulfator, a desulfator hooks up to your battery and omits a vibration that will prohibit sulfation and on older used batteries knocks of the collection on the plates and restores the battery. The desulfator makes your batteries last 3 times longer. When these materials are ready it is the time to put your effort or labor back into building the solar panel. Attach the meter and DC input with a handheld drill to the tip end of battery box. Connect the meter on the battery box with the help of insulated terminal 5/16 or 3/8 ring ends. You must work with a single wire at a time and connect it to the negative input first. Follow the same procedure in connecting the solar panel and the DC inlet to the battery.

Now you are ready with your own diy panel to convert the power of the sun to usable energy. Close and tight the lid and keep the entire panel exposed to the sun. Wait for just 8 hours and get ready to use you home made energy with pride. So here ends your doubts related to how to build your own solar panel.

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