What Does Luxury Really Mean?

What Does Luxury Really Mean

The word luxury is thrown around a lot because we live in a consumer culture where middle-class people aspire to move up, and advertisements promote the idea that buying these products means they’ve arrived. But what does luxury really mean?

Please read on to learn more, so you can have a truly luxurious home and lifestyle.

Clean and Promotes Good Health

In luxury, cleanliness is a given. Your home needs to be tidy and fundamentally clean. Not just neat or clutter-free, but clean. That means no dust, let alone pests!

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Luxury assumes that there’s no dust, bacteria, or pests at home. This is a prerequisite. The best professional pest control experts will ensure pests aren’t drawn to your home. You don’t want to see a crawly in your house because nothing can undo the elevated feeling of being amid luxury than seeing pests indoors.


They say luxury isn’t really luxurious unless it’s generous. If you’re going to eat high-end food, serve large portions! If you have to skimp on luxury and dole it out carefully, it’s not true luxury.

Be generous and lay it on thick. If you’re carefully doling out luxury, it isn’t truly luxurious. Luxury can also be an attitude, and penny-pinching is the very opposite of luxury.

Rare and Exclusive

By definition, luxury can’t be widely accessible. Truly luxurious things are hard to come by, rare objects most people don’t own and probably have never seen.

Not every expensive thing is luxurious. Few mass-produced things are luxurious, even if advertisements depict it otherwise.

Real luxury usually involves singular, one-of-a-kind items. Filling shelves with rows of hardcover books looks luxurious. Real luxury is owning, say, a first edition of Mark Twain’s Huck Finn. To be sure, luxury has nothing to do with being a serious reader. Luxury itself is highly unnecessary!

If luxury was required to live, it wouldn’t be luxurious. Excessiveness goes hand in hand with luxury.

Best of the Best

A fully luxurious home doesn’t have anything second-rate in it. In other words, luxury is never only partially luxurious.

The beds need a mattress and sheets that are more comfortable than your guests knew was possible. The washrooms should be spa-like, not just a clean place to relieve yourself and expend waste.

Everything from the smallest to the largest details needs to be high-end. Most people cannot afford anywhere near this level of luxury, which is the point of luxury.

Not everybody wants to pursue a luxurious lifestyle because it’s either financially out of reach or hollow. You can have a rich and fulfilling life without pursuing luxury. You probably don’t need to be told this because paying for real luxury is difficult. Keep a clean, warm, and loving home, and that’s more than enough!

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